Saturday, February 27, 2010


this is my new thing. i bought this at value village for my friend who collects environments records, but he already has it, so i'm starting my collection of "totally new concepts in sound."

side 1: "the psychologically ultimate thunderstorm" and side 2: "gentle rain in a pine forest (synthetic silence)"

my housemate informs me that he saw a swamps one at the thrift store, so i need to go obtain that soon, assuming that no one else will nab it.

the quotes in praise of them may be the best part.

"the speakers seem to be dripping." "psychoacoustic magic."
click on the picture and read the descriptions if you so desire. they're pretty great.

i hope to add this one to my collection soon. it may be the best cover for an album of pacific ocean and caribbean lagoon

and now, just for good measure:

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