Saturday, April 24, 2010

come oonnn summmerrrrrr

so it's been a little while. i've been trying to keep up with everything going on these last 3 weeks of school. preparing myself for super hell week comin up.

and tending to my little baby seeds that will hopefully grow into delicious fresh summer herbs for me to cook with. i've planted purple basil, cilantro, thyme, oregano, chives, and i've also started some eggplant and squash seeds. exciting!! just tryin to keep them warm and sunny.

also there is a little sprig of an orange tree that danny's mom brought me back from floreeedah. hopefully it'll grow into a healthy little tree that will grow mini oranges that i can cook with. i have to put it outside this summer so bees and insects will help pollinate it.

i need to grow some mint too. so i can make my own fresh mojitos and my daily pitchers of iced tea. it's getting into iced tea season! goddamn i can't wait for summer. chilled white wine, mojitos, iced tea, biking, cooking cooking cooking with fresh veggies and herbs from the CSA and the garden. man ohhh man.

it was danny and my one year anniversary this past monday. we went to get burmese food at mandalay in silver spring and it was super delicious. and we had a wonderful weekend last weekend walking around fells point.

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