Saturday, March 13, 2010

wye oak and jana hunter

so last night danny took me on a surprise trip to frederick. he didn't tell me why we were going, but when we got there he told me that the only theatre still playing avatar in 3D in the state of maryland was in frederick. so i was thinking, uhhh ok i didnt know danny wanted to see avatar so much but ok... so we're driving around looking for the theatre, so i believe. it's 9:45 and he tells me it starts at 10 but if we get there 15 min early we get special edition 3D glasses. okaaaay

so we park and as we're getting out of the car he says, ok actually jana hunter and wye oak are playing a show and we're going to see it.
so unbeknownst to me he took me to an awesome show at an awesome cafe in frederick. and it was totally sweet.

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